september 29, 2014

well, its a monday, and hence my day off and cheat day. i have got practically nothing important done today. i woke up late. it was also my off day from working out. no workout, eat whatever i want.. i went to my chiropractor appointment. they gave me a free shirt today, so that’s cool. i went to regan’s and had coffee with her, and zak came for lunch. regan and i went to the something outlet mall, and to goodwill, and the antique mall. i found boots, and a book, and a couple halloween costumes for rooster. i ate a buffalo burger at curly’s. then i went home, after getting burger king for katlin, and i’ve been messing around on the computer almost ever since. i did some laundry and i worked out a bit in the spare room.. but mostly ive been updating my computer and ipad and figuring out workout routines on bodyspace ( i also need to figure out our halloween costumes.

archer keeps farting, and it’s absolutely disgusting!